Friday, 6 January 2017

What can you do with a smartphone?

Smartphones are an amazing addition to anyone's world.  With one, all answers are one search away.  Friends can keep in touch, and parents can be assured that they can keep in contact.

But they're also capable of changing lives for the worse.

A smartphone - or any device capable of taking a picture and accessing the internet - poses a risk to anyone using it.  

Imagine this: you take a selfie, then upload it to your social media account, or another website.  As soon as that happens, you are no longer in control of who can see your picture, or who can copy and paste it onto their own device.  The same is true if you text the picture to someone else's phone.  They could send it on to anyone - people you don't know who could then do whatever they want with your picture.

Now imagine taking a picture of your friend and doing the same thing.  Do you have their permission to share their picture with ANYONE IN THE WORLD?

Be careful how you use smartphones, and especially what you do with your pictures.