Monday, 12 December 2016

It can happen to ANYONE

Have you heard of this app?

It can downloaded from any good app store, and is a really fun activity, making your own music videos by lip synching along to pop tunes.

Sorry, that should read 'it CAN be a really fun activity'.  Unfortunately, like many apps that our children use on their devices, there is the potential to misuse it.

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, users of can follow other users, be followed themselves, tag other users and send private messages.  

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you do not have to know other users in real life in order to connect with them on the app.  This means, of course, that users can be deceived about the true identity of who they are connecting with.

Just like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, if you can send and receive messages, you are vulnerable to other users sending content that is unpleasant, hurtful or even worse.

If we do not monitor children's use of apps, we are letting them connect with others in an environment where they are vulnerable.

Any app!

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  1. Hi Mr Evans,
    I think that this musically talk is quite interesting and useful
    as it informs you about how to stay safe on line. This talk is very useful to a Digital Leader like myself.


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